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The Story Behind GreenEnvy

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GreenEnvy is an enviable breed of Echinacea – a plant that’s long been valued for the medicinal powers within its roots. But this green-flowered Echinacea is an anomaly – a chance discovery only a decade ago by hobbyist gardener Mark Veeder.

A green flower had mysteriously cropped up in his yard in upstate New York, and instinctively he knew it was something rare. So, he had it tested by leading horticultural labs around the world.

The scientific conclusion: Echinacea GreenEnvy has been tested to be 300% more powerful than regular Echinacea as it contains a higher concentration of the phytochemical cichoric acid.

The Enviable Echinacea

The power of GreenEnvy is its phytochemical compounds content. All species of Echinacea have them, but GreenEnvy has measurably higher concentrations.

Go ahead and Google phytochemical compounds and you’ll see how it’s used in the same context as antioxidants…that it repeatedly pops up in discussions about cancer treatments…and it stimulates the immune system to help itself, working overtime and in overdrive.

It’s the phytochemical compounds found in the roots of GreenEnvy that can be extracted and processed for use as an ingredient in any number of products benefitting the human body, from skin care and topical treatments, to beverages, food and nutritional supplements.

Skin care is the first to roll out with Powered by GreenEnvy. But, it won’t be long before you’ll likely find it featured in other health-minded consumer goods.

A Beautiful Start: Skincare

Phyto is revered as a holy grail for beauty products, providing a proven defense against aging skin.

GreenEnvy is already in demand for inclusion in skin care formulations — especially those that stake their claims on being exclusively “all natural.”

After all, mother earth gave birth to this blooming treasure. And you can be sure GreenEnvy will spawn more than a suite of beauty lotions and potions.

Stay tuned for future developments in beverages, foods and other consumer goods that can yield benefits from its authenticated healing and life-improving qualities.

Benefitting Farm Communities

Uniquely, as much as GreenEnvy can do something good for the life of your skin, it also can do something good for the lives of others.

Growers throughout upstate New York are reinvigorating their farms and livelihoods as they begin planting and cultivating acres dedicated to this new crop.

In short, GreenEnvy is helping to revive what had been an ailing agricultural economy in this region.

Good For The Planet

The proximity of these growers to the state-of-the art New Jersey-based lab where GreenEnvy is incorporated into cosmetic formulations is critical because the GreenEnvy ingredient is most effective when it’s at its absolute freshest.

The roots are the delivered directly to the lab where a cold-pressed, rather than dried, extraction takes place to ensure the utmost freshness.

So, GreenEnvy is leading the farm-to-fitness drive for fresher, healthier skin. And, it’s doing so in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

GreenEnvy: Beautifying the American Landscape

GreenEnvy is thoroughly all-American. Home grown on – and in – American soil. In a marketplace of beauty products from all parts of the globe where the purity of ingredients and their handling are not as stringently regulated as in the U.S., Powered by GreenEnvy is a brand to be trusted.

And, what is more American than the entrepreneurial spirit that’s the underpinning of this product? GreenEnvy is bringing new opportunities for business to economically challenged farming communities. It’s flower power to the max!